Innovations redefining comfort

Belimo’s devices provide a precision controlled, comfortable room environment that is essential for the wellbeing and productivity of people. Belimo sensors, variable air volume (VAV) technology and pressure-independent characterised control valves are three examples that have a big impact on room comfort.


Belimo sensors – the foundation of comfort

Belimo offers a complete range of sensors with high accuracy and long-term stability resulting in better indoor comfort. This has a high impact on people’s wellbeing and productivity.

Sensor Range

Exceptional room comfort

Variable air volume (VAV) actuators ensure that ventilation systems are perfectly balanced at all times, leading to better comfort, less noise and energy savings.

Room & System Solutions

Perfectly balanced room comfort

Pressure-independent (PI) characterised control valves ensure that hydronic systems are perfectly balanced at all times, leading to better comfort while saving energy.

Multifunctional Belimo Energy Valve™ Electronic Pressure-independent Valve EPIV Room & Zone Solutions

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