Pressure-independent Zone Valve PIQCV.
Compact, flexible and efficient.

The PIQCV (Pressure Independent Quick Compact Valve) from the Belimo ZoneTight™ product family is a pressure-independent characterised control valve which permanently supplies all heating and cooling elements with precisely the amount of water needed. The advantages:

  • Ideal room comfort is achieved as the optimum amount of water is supplied to the end devices
  • High energy efficiency thanks to the low differential pressure required
  • Little planning work thanks to fast and reliable valve selection
  • Time saving by the automatic and permanent hydraulic balancing
  • Flexible, diverse installation options thanks to compact design

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Pressure-independent Zone Valve PIQCV

Flyer: Pressure-independent Zone Valve PIQCV (118 KB)

Applications: Room and zone control (5 MB)

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