Air Quality Sensors

Air quality sensors from Belimo, such as CO2 and VOC sensors, guarantee optimal indoor air quality with increased comfort levels and maximised energy savings in buildings. Integrated temperature and humidity sensors are available.



  • Dual-channel CO2 sensor based on NDIR technology. The additional reference channel allows compensation of the long-term drift, providing precise accuracy and long-term stability.
  • Wide range of combined multisensors for CO2, humidity, temperature and VOC offer reduced labour and material costs.
  • Dual-channel self-calibration technology allows the CO2 sensors from Belimo to be used for all types of buildings and applications where the ABC method (automatic background calibration) can not be used.


Product Series

CO2 + Temperature
CO2 + Humidity + Temperature
CO2 + VOC + Temperature
CO2 + VOC + Mix CO2 / VOC + Temperature


Technical Details – Air Quality Sensors

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